Mantis 7250-15-02 Electric Tiller/Cultivator Review

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With the Mantis 7250-15-02 electric tiller/cultivator you have got yourself a lightweight three-speed machine that will allow you to go about your gardening with ease, all year around.

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The Mantis garden tiller provides you with an easy way to create new gardens, do tilling in narrow rows and raised beds or along fences. All of this is possible because this product features a powerful engine, durable tines and a lightweight and compact design.

Mantis 7250-15-02 Electric Tiller Features & Specifications

  • Compact design with powerful and clean electric motor
  • Weights only 21 pounds and easy to carry and maneuver
  • Till down 10 inches or only top 2 to 3 inches of soil
  • Easiest tiller to start and use

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The Mantis 7250-15-02 cultivator is powerful due to the engine that is installed in it.  But owing to its unique and compact design, you can easily handle this device in any way that you want to. It is true that the Mantis garden tiller cultivator only weighs 20 pounds and has a width of only nine inches; the powerful three-speed electric motor is the thing that allows you to use this product in an effortless manner. This product is safe as well as easy to use. A reliable push-button primer starts this device, but the tines won’t move until you squeeze the throttle. This feature allows this device to be under your control. Once you squeeze the throttle, the patented serpentine tines spin at a speed of up to 240 RPM. This allows you to easily breakthrough sod, hard clay and allows you to till down to depths of ten inches. The tilling depth can also be changed for your convenience. You can reverse the tines to allow yourself to shallow-cultivate depths of up to three inches. This device tills a nine inch wide path; this allows you to reach tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. This feature is perfect for raised-bed gardeners.

The Mantis 7250 tiller doesn’t require a lot of space when you store it in your garage or tool shed. This product features folding handles bars that allow you to easily store it while taking up lesser area. This product also includes a border-edger accessory and other optional attachments that can be bought separately. These attachments will allow you to use this product in areas other than your garden. This Mantis garden tiller is lightweight and the folding holding-bars make it portable as well. You can attach a lawn aerator and thus, keep yourself busy all summer long as well into fall. This Mantis 7250 tiller has been built to last. This product features a one-piece durable gear box and the tines are guaranteed to avoid breakage as long as you use this product.

Mantis 7250-15-02 Review

Going through my research regarding this Mantis 7250-15-02 electric tiller cultivator I found 107 customer reviews. The average rating of the Mantis electric tiller on is four and a half stars. All of the reviewers are nothing but praise for this product. This is expected as Mantis has always tried to satisfy the needs of its customers. Many of the reviewers are happy with the design and the performance of this product. Click here to read more reviews.

There are always chances of a negative review and one of the reviewers has complained about performance of the tines. This can be avoided by cleaning the tines after every use as directed in the manual.

I would recommend the Mantis 7250 electric tiller cultivator to everyone who wants to be able to do their gardening with a lightweight and effective machine.  Click here to check it out.

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