Sun Joe Tiller Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator TJ601E Review

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The Sun Joe Tiller Joe electric garden tiller/cultivator TJ601E is a electric garden Tiller which is powered by a powerful 9 amp motor.  It comes with 6 steel blade tines.  It is absolutely rough and heavy duty.  It can till even the toughest terrain in record time. You can use the SunJoe to break barren hard crusted ground and turn it into a lush garden.

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Sun Joe TJ601E Electric Garden Tiller Features & Specifications

  • Powerful 9-amp motor and 6-Steel blade tines
  • 7-inch cultivating depth and 18-Inch cultivating width
  • Save space with folding handle and wheels for easy portability

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It has a 18 inches cultivating width and almost a 7 inch cultivating depth.  It has a sleek and compact look.  It has wheels to enable smooth portability.  Also it has sturdy handles which can be folded to save storage space.  Moreover, the Sun Joe TJ601E is very competitively priced, considering all its power packed features and savings in gasoline bills.   It is also quite light weighing around 35 lbs.

Sun Joe Tiller Joe TJ601E Review

Interestingly, the reviewers for Sun Joe electric tiller TJ601E have all given it a 5 star rating.  Some are especially impressed with the high tine clearance which ensures that no rock or hard dirt gets stuck in the tines.  The tines just spit them out.

Another positive review was to do with the large cultivating width which ensures that the job is done quicker.  The customers also felt that the machine is very powerful and it remained intact without any damages inspite of all the rocks it encountered in the path of tilling.

Many echoed the fact that it was very easy to assemble and get it going.  One lady mentioned that her husband who had planned out a 3 hour job for their backyard was able to finish all of it in 20 minutes flat. Also, it being electrically powered, the usual hassle of gasoline powered tillers, namely that of filling gas cans and the associated mess was cheerfully avoided. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Most customers I realized were very surprised by the SunJoe Tillers amazing power. It seems to make short work of the toughest of the tough terrain. Considering that this is electrically powered it amazes people no end.

As mentioned earlier, there were very few negative comments, carefully sandwiched between praises.  One of them is that the cultivating depth could have been a little more.  Another user felt that if the tiller had a mechanism to bring down the outer width of the tines to facilitate narrow tilling paths, it would have been great. Considering that this is electric can be a positive or a negative depending on customer perception. The cord running behind the tiller can be hassle which needs to be managed. Cords lead to tripping over and such. But then the advantages interms of zero pollution and excellent power – far outweighs this negative.

To sum it all up the Sun Joe Tiller Joe electric garden tiller/cultivator TJ601E is a great Buy. A state of the art product is feature packed and robust. It delivers amazing performance in extremely harsh environments. So, If you have a hardy, barren, untouched and eroded piece of land to cultivate, without any doubt you can go ahead and buy The Sun Joe electric tiller cultivator.

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