Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator Review

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The Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden Electric Tiller/Cultivator helps you easily and quickly loosen mud for efficient and hassle-free planting work in your garden. Loosening dirt before planting seeds has been scientifically proven to result in healthier and stringer plants as this process enriches the soil with nutrients.

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The Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller is you perfect companion for tilling earth. It boasts of a powerful 6.5 ampere motor and 4 heavy-duty steel blades which are angled scientifically, designed to chop through the hardest dirt effortlessly. The electric motor has been designed with easy of use in mind and is simple to operate, ignite or maintain.

Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller Features & Specifications

  • Features powerful 6.5 amp electric motor and 4 steel blade tines
  • Easy to operate and weighs only 17 pounds
  • 14-inch cutting width and 7-inch cutting depth
  • Folding handle for much less storage space

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It can till a fourteen inch wide and seven inch deep path with every pass you make, which ensures larger coverage of land area and turns dirt removing and planting tasks easy without tiring yourself. The Joe TJ600E electric tiller is a portable and ultra-light machine, weighing less than seventeen pounds. When you are not using it, storage is simple, thanks to the innovative fold-up design which occupies the minimum amount of space in your storage room, garage or truck.

The Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe electric garden cultivator boasts of a very powerful motor which has the capability to loosen up the toughest of soil. Starting it up is as easy as pushing a button, which means you don’t have to deal with frustrating situations of pull starts anymore. It has also been incorporated with a safety switch which prevents unintentional startups, so it is safe enough for keeping in a house with small children. You comforts and safety is assured with two big, ergonomically designed handles for holding the Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe electric tiller while operating. This ensures that you are at a safe distance from the machine while operating it, and can till without bending.

Sun Joe TJ600E Review

The Joe TJ600E electric tiller cultivator has received 520 reviews on, out of which an amazing 316 and 108 are 5 stars and 4 stars respectively. One of the customers even posted a video review of the Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe Garden 14-Inch 6.5 amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator in action, and said that he was mighty impressed with its amazing performance. He said that initially he had planned to purchase a different brand, but decided to go for this product, and was happy with his decision. Click here to read more reviews.

A common problem that users seemed to have with the tiller was that the screws used for attaching it to the handle were too tiny, and the blades got stuck when it hit any underground weed or wild grass. So it’s recommended for small to medium sized gardens in homes.

The verdict is that the Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe garden tiller cultivator is a useful and dependable product that can become the most useful tool in your garden, and save you the trouble of manually tilling the ground. Click here to Buy From Amazon at a 23% Discount Now!

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