Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Garden Tiller Cultivator Review

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If you are a person who wants the ultimate gardening machine to give your garden or lawn the look that you want, then the Troy-Bilt TB 154 electric garden tiller cultivator is the gardening machine for you. With its extraordinary features and easy to use design, this product will satisfy your everyday gardening needs.

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The Troy-Bilt electric garden tiller cultivator has a lot of useful features that allows you to use it in your garden or your lawn in any way that your want. This troy bilt tiller has an 8-inch patented steel cultivating tines. This allows you to dig, shred as well as weed for premium soil preparation. The tines can be easily removed after every use and it is advised that you clean them properly for better results. The tilling width can be easily adjusted and it ranges from 6 to 10-1/4 inches and its dept is up to 8 inches.

Troy-Bilt TB154 Tiller Features & Specifications

  • 8-inch patented steel cultivating depth up to 8-inches
  • Adjustable tilling width from 6 to 10-1/4-inches
  • Standard cord minder keeps your extension cord in check
  • Two years limited warranty

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The Troy-Bilt electric cultivator has a standard cord minder that keeps your extension cord length is check. Thus, when you are working in your garden, this standard cord minder will tell you how much extension cord you are using and how much of it is left so that you don’t extend it further and break the connection with the electric switch.

This Troy-Bilt tb154 is a good investment as it comes with a 2 year warranty and the design of the Troy-Bilt electric garden tiller allows you to cut through anything with ease. The state of the art design also allows this to product to be quiet so that you as well as your neighbors don’t get disturbed by any noise from this machine.

Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Garden Tiller Cultivator Review

This Troy-Bilt TB154 electric tiller delivers its users with the high quality and durability that this product promises them. That is why during my research on this product I came across more than 172 product reviews on the internet. This product has also got a five star rating from 125 reviewers on alone.  All of the people who have used this product have appreciated the fact that this product comes with a 2 year warranty. People who were concerned that the Troy-Bilt electric garden tiller cultivator was a bit expensive ignored this fact when they used this product. For them, investing in this product paid off because of the supreme quality and functionality this product offers them. Unlike other garden cultivators that are currently present for sale in the market, this product doesn’t make noise when you use it. Many of the customers also praised the electric motor that was present in the product and the way this product is easy to handle as well as to use in the garden or lawn. Click here to read more reviews.

Some people were concerned when they read in the manual that they were to clean the tines after every use, but the tines installed in the product can be easily taken out for proper cleaning. Some people were also complaining about the price of the product. Their concern is understandable but if they compare the price with other electric tillers they will see that this product is fairly priced.

Going through all of the reviews and the features of this product, I highly recommend the Troy-Bilt TB 154 electric garden tiller cultivator to gardening enthusiasts. Click here to check it out.

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