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As a gardener preparing the land for planting may be a real task, if you know that you have to do it by hand. This is true if your backyard garden is quite large. To make work easier, you need a good garden tiller to make your work not only easier, but also enjoyable. There are so many varieties of garden tillers in the market that you can buy. This poses the challenge of which one should you buy and how can you know that it is the best. This articles is meant to help your understand how you can make your selection.

The very first consideration when you think about buying your first garden tiller is the size of the land that you want to use it on. If the garden is small, you will only need to hunt for the simplest in the market that has the power to handle your small garden size. If you are the gardener who will want to use the tiller for major and regular land preparation, you should not restrict your mind to smaller types which will be limiting for you.

At the same time if your land has a hard soil, small tillers will not do much to you. Make your selection based on the size of plot you want to till as well as how hard the ground is. There are people who are in places where soft loam soil is more common. Such people can make do with simple tillers and still achieve good result for a big portion of land. If the ground is hard and composed of heavy soil like clay, simple tillers will prove useless and unhelpful for you.

Whether you will be using the tiller on fresh lands which have not been tilled before is another important factor. Lands that have been tilled several times will actually be easier to till. If the ground is new, chances are that you will have to consider using largest tillers in the market.

The cost of the tiller is important. This means that you have to think about your budget carefully. If your budget is slim, you may not be able to buy advanced types of tillers that are powerful enough for larger gardens with hard ground to till. However, you can start with smaller ones.

Rocky or stony lands are usually tough to deal with. In fact, if you have a plot that is rocky, you may have to consider using hand tools to till it. Tillers that run on mechanical or electric power may only be good for soils that do not have large and firm stones. But it is also possible to hand pick the stones early in preparation for the tilling.

The number of task that a particular tiller can do is also important. The main reason that people want to buy tillers is to avoid using their hands to traditionally farm their ground. Most of the tillers that are multipurpose can be larger and heavy which means you must be ready for such if you want to get garden tillers.

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