Greenworks 27012 Electric Cultivator/Tiller Review

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The Greenworks 27012 electric tiller cultivator is an excellent quality product from Greenworks.  True to its name, the 27012 electric tiller comes with a zero carbon footprint guarantee.  The manufacturers guarantee that this product will never release even an ounce of carbon into the air.  Now you can proudly till your garden/backyard with a clear environmental conscience. So no more emissions and no more maintenance.  No need of running to your nearest gas station to fill your gas can to fuel your gas powered mowers.

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The Greenworks 27012 garden tiller comes with an 8 amp electric motor, it also has a cord lock which prevents the cord from disconnecting.  Plus, you can vary the tilling widths. It works at two tilling widths, namely 10 inch and 6.25 inches.  It also has an adjustable tilling depth selector. That gives you added control over the depth to which you would want to till your lawn. The Greenworks tiller has four forward rotating tines which are removable. Also it has rear wheels which after tilling help in scooting the machine backwards and continue tilling.

Greenworks 27012 Tiller Features & Specifications

  • Cord lock prevents cord from disconnecting
  • 4 forward rotating removable tines
  • Tilling width 10-inch or 6.25-inch
  • Adjustable tilling depth selector

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Greenworks gives you a four year warranty on this product, that is double the industry standards. It just goes to show the faith the manufacturers have in this environment friendly, built to last reliable and high performance product.

The tiller is extremely simple to set up and takes less than 30 minutes to put it together.  Unlike other tillers which require a whole horde of accessories, the Greenworks 27012 electric garden tiller is ready to use. Just plug in and you are ready to mow.

Greenworks 27012 Electric Tiller Review

Many users felt that it was very quiet. In fact, some felt that it worked quieter than a vacuum cleaner. The size and weight gave it a compact feel making storage very easy.  It is described as value for money, combined with excellent savings in fuel and maintenance and spare parts cost. All in all is a fantastic package. Click here to read more reviews.

In fact, a pregnant woman posted a review that she hardly took 30 minutes to set it up herself and she did the entire mowing of her 500 sqf garden within an hour and a half. She also went on to mention that not once did the motor overheat.  And, the tilling was so smooth that she did not need any help at all. She challenges others that if she could do it, then anybody can.

The only negative review that I came across was for the cord holder, that, it did not hold the cord very well. But the user was quick to add that, that was a burden that most electric corded tilling tools suffer from and that it wasn’t an unexpected annoyance. The user also feels that it definitely was not a dampener, considering all the other advantages.

Therefore, considering all the power packed features of the 27012 Greenworks electric cultivator/tiller, it can easily be the best buy available in the market. Plus you are contributing towards a greener earth by using this product. Click here to check it out.

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